August Miscellany

It’s hard to believe it’s really August. Sorry I’ve been MIA. Here are my obligatory excuses:

  1. Olympics
  2. Converting from DISH to Uverse this weekend (hence, watching all my recorded shows)

Sorry, I couldn’t think of any others. Is it sad that my excuses are all television??!

I have photos in back log: This past weekend was full of fun with friends and family, but I haven’t gotten around to editing them, hence no posts about them, because I’ve been enjoying a ridiculous amount of TV time after Jameson goes to bed.

I think that August will be a great month for us, and for Jameson too: He will be starting in the next room at daycare on the 20th this month. We are blessed that he has a teacher who wants to follow him (she is his favorite, and he is hers), so I think that the transition will be easier for him than it would otherwise. His friend Nathan, who has been out of daycare for the summer, will return soon too!

Every night when we come home now, Jameson wants to either play outside or watch Elmo. I’m happy to oblige: He will sit on my lap to watch Sesame Street for nearly 10 minutes before squirming his way out. It’s adorable, and I’m staying guilt-free since it’s Sesame Street, he’s spending time just resting with me, and he never watches TV at daycare. WIN WIN WIN.

(for the GOLD: I have already requested to borrow an Elmo costume for Halloween from a friend who’s daughter wore it last year. And, I’ve bought some Christmas or birthday presents, you are now in awe of everything I can get done when I’m not blogging now aren’t you?)

We got him new shoes for daycare which are sandals with covered toes that can get wet, and he loves them. Doesn’t want to take them off in the evening. It’s adorable.

The neighbors had their new baby yesterday, and their mystery baby was a BOY! Peyton. In a year, I can see them all running around the backyard (which maybe by then will have grass, seriously).

So much to be thankful for.

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