School Update

Now that we are ending summer, I thought it overdue to share some photos from Jameson’s school that they gave us back in July. I just now scanned them into the computer, if you can believe that… You probably can.

It’s obvious that he has a blast there. Yesterday, I took him to get his flu shot since he doesn’t have any more check ups scheduled until his 2 year (remember last year, when it seemed we were going to the doctor every few months? I mean, we were. Now he’s a big kid). Anyway, we did the shot and he was absolutely a champ, not even crying as he sat on my lap and got the shot. It was helpful that we had my very favorite nurse, so nice and cheerful and expert at giving shots quickly and accurately. We were gone from school one hour, and when we got back I thought for sure he’d want to go home with me, since he’s been a bit clingy to me recently. However, he jumped back in the room with barely a look back (literally). I’m sure it also helped that our very favorite teacher there, so all around it was a very lucky, painless day when I thought it would be much worse.

(No side effects, by the way. He wasn’t even worrying at the spot, like I did when I got the one in my arm. Instead, he keeps pointing at his knees where he skinned them last week to say booboo. He was fascinated with the band-aid though when I took it off in the evening)

He doesn’t wear a bib anymore in the morning while eating his yogurt.  He is pretty expert with the spoon and loves his breakfast. I’m happy he enjoys yogurt so much, since it’s hard to get him to eat a lot of healthy meat. We are reasonably good with fruit and veggies, expert with pasta, but not good at eating meat. He only likes fish sticks and hot dogs (which includes sausage, so that is a little more variety).

This photo impresses me because he was going down their large covered slide a lot earlier than I would’ve anticipated. I suppose that is the advantage of being around other kids!

These next ones, of him enjoying the outdoors, are some of my favorites. I love the routine he has there. They never seem to be bored, going from gym to music to outside. They sit in a circle and learn letters, can you believe it?! His sheet yesterday said that he identified all the letters they’ve taught them so far correctly, which includes: m  s  a  t and I think r.

I am so pleased with his daily artwork, the learning and real school environment he is experiencing even now, and the happy mix of play time that they integrate seamlessly into his day. Is it better than what I would provide to him at home? I think yes, unless I spent the time and effort to learn a curriculum that I would follow at home. Could I do it? Yes; would it be the well-rounded and social experience he has today? No. I wouldn’t change a thing.

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