Brian and I are pleased to share why I have been a major slacker the past couple months! Making a baby has occupied much of my time, what with all the sleeping and the nausea and the sleeping.

Our new addition is set to arrive March 15, 2013, and while Jameson is pretty oblivious to what is going on, he likes pictures of babies, so I think he’ll be a pretty good big brother!

Jameson was pretty insistent about holding the remote for the camera; when we tried again the next morning I hid it from him but he still seemed to know, giving me grumpy faces.

So far this pregnancy has been rougher than the last, which by old wives’ tales says it’s a girl. We’ll be happy with either, and I’ll just be happy not to feel ill most morning, evenings, and sometimes in between. We will probably find out this time (Jameson was a surprise), so that way we’ll get to experience both kinds of excitement, and Jameson will know whether he is having a little brother or sister.

We shared the news via the shirt to Brian’s parents first for his mom’s birthday. She didn’t want to assume, so it was Aunt Melissa that called us out on it nearly a half hour later!

We shared the news with my mom when she came up a couple days later for a visit (and to babysit while we went to a wedding!). She was pretty quick, since we had to make an obvious wardrobe change. We did FaceTime with my dad, sister and brother all separately. My dad was the slowest, not getting it until I held up the ultrasound picture which was pretty funny.

—– A Funny Story

At my standard bloodwork appointment, they found I was too dehydrated to draw the blood, so I had to go to a lab within the next couple days. Needless to say, that day I downed nearly 16 ounces of water before going! They were able to draw the blood, but told me I need a 1 hr glucose test and they were closing so I’d have to return again another day!

Needless to say, I was pretty unhappy about that but left and out in the parking lot, a little old couple asked if I was “Hilary”, which was really weird. I turned around, and they were holding the actual prescription paper my doctor wrote out, which must have come detached from the official form I had given the lab.

So I went back in to see if they needed it, to find that the paper said I only needed a randomized glucose test. The lab tech (at my request, which was again annoying) called my doctors’ and while on the phone, discovered that he had misread my form ALL ALONG. I didn’t need a 1 hr test yet, and the blood they had already drawn would suffice for the random test.

I was happy to leave the lab having completed all that was needed and not required to return, and also very thankful to a little old couple standing in the parking lot, picking up my prescription. A happy, random chance!

And, I will make sure I drink plenty of water before my following appointments this time!

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