Midmonth, my mom came up for a visit after dropping my sister off at college. She came up for another purpose though, since we had requested her babysitting services for Friday and overnight while Brian and I attended his cousin’s wedding in Pennsylvania.

Mom arrived late Wednesday evening on the 15th, so we couldn’t show off Jameson shirt and big news until Thursday evening after work. The wait was grueling, but they had already been speculating, of course! So Jameson’s Meemaw got to watch him Thursday, Friday, and most of Saturday.

It was difficult to leave him Thursday after his 20 month photoshoot; he knew as soon as I was getting my lunch ready that I wasn’t staying and he clung to me and wailed. I had planned on waiting to leave a little later, but waiting seemed like it would draw out the process, so we ripped the band-aid off pretty quick, and I left.

We all hung out Thursday evening though and Jameson showed off his “cheese!” exclamation with my phone. It won’t be long before he can press those buttons himself and really take photos.

Friday morning, Brian worked from home, which was difficult in its own way once Jameson realized he was still there. But by the time Meemaw left on Sunday, they were pretty good buddies, and I left her to do bath and bedtime Saturday evening with no issues. It’s hard when Jameson doesn’t get to see her very often, so I’m going to try and do more FaceTime! This week, he’ll get to see her again, plus grandpa and Aunt Holly for the fair, so that’ll be fun!

I am pretty thrilled she took Jameson into the empty lots and took pictures of him with the queen anne’s lace. It is a picture I wanted to capture for a while (though typically we don’t let him romp around in those weeds), but now they are all dying so this is probably all I will get this year.

Before we returned on Saturday, we stopped at IKEA (and the time was such that we got both the 99cent breakfast AND swedish meatballs for lunch). We got Jameson the little farm animals, which we use to get him to make his animal noises. Meemaw was excited to finally capture the one-word “moobaa” animal noise on video after a lot of effort through the whole weekend (and I have video evidence of the failed tries)


It was nice for Jameson to see his grandma again, and I was happy to have someone to watch a few chick flicks with in the evening. Meanwhile, Brian got into a little trouble on Saturday evening involving the neighbor’s “pre-party party” before Lily’s 2 year birthday party on Sunday. But that’s another story…

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