Second Trimester

I don’t want to jinx it, but I think the nausea is starting to go away. Slowly. Just when I think it is nearly gone, it resurfaces, so I will keep waiting and soon I think it will just be gone one day, and shortly after that I am sure I will forget it was ever that terrible.

On Tuesday, I am pretty sure I felt just one strong kick. Not flutters like I felt with Jameson, but I am pretty certain it was baby. We are at one day shy of 15 weeks today, and that is a little early than typical for first time moms but not unreasonable for a secondtimer.

Speaking of secondtimer, the belly is already there. I wore maternity pants for the first time today; I can still wear jeans and many of my regular work pants, but the shirt I work today showed what looked like a fat roll over the top of the work pants so… maternity pants it is. It’s more comfortable and looks more natural. As in, that is a baby in there, and not a fat roll. Not a fat roll.

I may be enjoying the fact that I don’t have gestational diabetes again, yet.


Occasionally sappy, but thankfully those hormones aren’t in full force yet. I frequently tear up when Brian and Jameson are playing together. I teared up as we took a walk (a real one, Jameson wasn’t in a stroller), and Jameson was saying “mommy house”, and I said “daddy’s house too?” and he said “yeah”. He says “yeah” all the time now, answering real questions and making real choices and so much imitating of mom and dad.

That aside, we haven’t talked too much of baby, and probably won’t until we know if it’s a little brother or sister. He does know he can’t really poke mommy’s belly button anymore, ha!


Knowing the baby stages this time around (and still very recently appreciating the joys of a learning and growing toddler), I have to be honest and say I’m not looking forward to months 2-6 of this new baby. Not that I don’t want a baby, but just because months 2-6 are just the worst, acclimating to a new baby that starts to be awake more and more (again), going back to work (again), breastfeeding and ugh the pumping (again), and this time acclimating to two children instead of just one.

I am looking forward to the new addition, but not all the stages that one must go through before getting to that happy, sitting up, learning, playing baby and toddler.

Except for month 1. I am looking forward to holding a sleepy newborn baby, and this time I know how fast that goes. You will have to pry that baby out of my fingers.

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