Visit with Rylan

On Saturday, our friends Laura and Dave came over with their daughter Rylan who is just about 9 months old. Rylan has adorable, almost elfin looks thanks to her wonderful, great big smile that spreads across her whole face. I am certain she will be that type of girls that captures the attention of the whole room just with her enjoyment of life!

For his part, Jameson wasn’t too certain about baby Rylan. He did seem interested in her puffs, as opposed to his own pretzels, but Rylan wouldn’t have any of that.

He did accept a bribe to sit right next to Rylan, which we’ve tried before (mostly when eating dinner — eat your chicken and you can get more peas!), but it hasn’t worked until now. Apparently, sitting next to Rylan for a couple pretzels was acceptable. He sat down a full arms length away from her, so we moved him a little closer.

It was pretty adorable.

Brian made pizza on the grill for dinner, and Laura brought over my craving for dessert, a pumpkin pie, which was crust-less and delicious. Jameson was pretty into the pizza, but not the pumpkin pie. He enjoyed his whip cream though, contrary to the first time he had it.

Looking at these pictures of Jameson next to Rylan makes me realize just how big my baby is now.

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