Jameson has been so very good recently, patiently waiting when we ask (as long as it doesn’t involve food). I wanted to share to recent instances of his new impressive skills, which I am sure school has been teaching him since we haven’t had the opportunity at home much.

Last weekend, I laid him downstairs to change him and realized that I needed more wipes which were upstairs. I told him to wait while I ran upstairs, and he didn’t have clothing removed yet so I wasn’t really expecting him to just lay there but that was okay. Back downstairs and there he is, just looking at the ceiling, laying down.

Yesterday, Sasha wasn’t feeling well and had an accident that Brian needed to clean up when he got home from work (I was out to dinner with vendors). He put Jameson in the corner of the kitchen by his plastic dinnerware in case he wanted to play with those and asked Jameson to “wait right here” while he cleaned up in the living room.

Jameson stood there, hands in his jacket pockets, the entire time. From initial clean up through the spot cleaner.

The hands in pockets in a new thing that the school tells us he loves to do. When it’s cold outside, he’ll stand around with hands in pockets. Love this cutie pie.

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