Orchard Visit

This year, since Jameson has been so excited about pumpkins, I wanted to take him to a real pumpkin patch to do a “pick your own” experience. We had the opportunity to see Hollie and her three girls again this year because they have a patch near by! There are plenty a lot closer to us, but Jameson loves the girls and we thought it would be a great experience for him. He had a blast!

We went to Burnham Orchards on a crisp but not cold fall day. The ride up there, Jameson shouted “whoa tuck” every time we passed a truck on the highway!

We put Jameson in the cart for pumpkins and wheeled him out to the long rows of pumpkins. When we took him out, he immediately ran around to all the pumpkins without rhyme or reason. It was hard to get a shot of this active toddler!

They had cut back the plants, but that was okay. I enjoyed the space and less crowds in comparison to Patterson’s, which we went to last year.

Jameson did try and pick up quite a few pumpkins, exclaiming “heavy”. He was only able to pick up one pumpkin that Natalie found for him. The rest were too big for him to lift!

We did see lots of starter pumpkins or “baby pumpkins” as we told Jameson.

We came home with two in his jacket pockets. It’s what he was looking at when we tried to get a family photo unsuccessfully.

When we were all done, we tossed him back in the cart with the pumpkins, which he loved.

There were lots of activities for kids, but many were for kids older than Jameson. While the girls got their faces painted, we tossed Jameson in some straw. He wasn’t sure at first, but he quickly asked to get in again after the first round.

We went inside the market for apples and to pay, and they had some small apples for free that we gave to Jameson. I thought for sure he would give it back, not realizing how to eat the whole apple or licking the skin alone, but he knew exactly what to do with it!

He enjoyed the fresh apple a lot. We all piled back in the cars then to head out to Vermillion to the Soda Pop Grill, a cute small-town restaurant in the style of old soda fountain shops. It took us a while to get our food, but even well past he nap time, Jameson was entertaining the girls and vise versa with giggles and noises.

We all enjoyed a home style lunch before heading to the candy and candle stores, before finally heading home. Jameson (and I) crashed on the way home.

We dropped Jameson off at grandma and grandpa’s for the rest of the afternoon and overnight for our date night then! Brian and I went to see a movie, dinner appetizers, and home to enjoy a restful evening.

The following day, we worked hard on his room and consolidating the office and craft spaces. Brian even got to brew beer in between building and painting Jameson’s nightstand before Jameson came home from a very enjoyable, fun-filled weekend!

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