It’s a….!

Baby girl!

I was completely surprised, as I had started expecting a boy. Most of my friends have been guessing girl, which I thought meant I was destined for a boy, but surprise! A little girl is in there. I did have the ultrasound tech check twice, just to make sure.

Would you like to guess baby stats?
We are pool number 278 and the password is “babygirl”

When she said girl, both Brian and I sat there in silence for a bit. I am not sure that we knew what to expect when they announce the gender, but it was a little anticlimactic. The excitement came immediately following (where I began to think about all the new stuff to buy, haha).

I’ll be back tomorrow with a ton of Halloween activities and updates. Happy Halloween! At work we dressed up as the Spice Girls, so you can guess right away that I am Baby Spice, complete with blonde wig and ridiculous non-maternity dress.

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