Halloween Festivities Weekend

Halloween started off last Friday with our neighborhood party! They have the party every year, though this is the first year we’ve participated. Neighbors either pay $5 or host a “station” at their house for kids to come visit.

Okay, the first time Jameson put this costume on, it was a fight! He screamed like we were cutting off his legs, poor thing. Brian and I looked at each other, and did what any good parent would do (right?) and we forced him into it. I’m sure we were both thinking “It’ll be good for you! Fun! Come on!”

He did end up enjoying himself, and the costume was perfect for this awful hurricane-generated rain that we’ve had since that Friday through today still. Still! He stayed warm and dry the entire time, and he loved staying up late. Jameson got a little slap happy at the end.

First stop was a photo station and then pumpkin ring toss. Jameson got a spider as his prize. Oh, and he also had a wonderful new eyeball necklace that lit up from the party favor station when we arrived too. He loves that necklace!

This is Nathan and Jameson, his buddy from school. Nathan was dressed as Thing 1, and his sister as Thing 2. We stopped at their house since they had a s’more station! The boys just had some graham crackers.

We also hopped aboard the hay ride tractor, which Jameson loved. He stared at the tractor the entire time and waved bye bye when we finished.

One of the neighbors is in a real Kiss cover band and had a photo booth there as well. Jameson refused until Brian picked him up. This photo is hilarious!

At the end of the evening, the snack station opened and Lily stopped by for a bit. This photo of Jameson climbing on her stroller made me laugh. He wanted her to come out and play! The night was getting late though and it was cold and misty, so we headed back home shortly after that.

On Saturday, we went to the Akron Zoo for Boo at the Zoo with JP, Lisa & Jonathan.

At least Jameson didn’t mind the costume as much this time, but by the face he’s making in all the pictures you wouldn’t know it. He seems very concerned!

But mostly I think he has a solemn face when he is taking things in and absorbing new experiences.

We rode the merry-go-round, which Jameson loved! He didn’t want to leave or say bye to the polar bear, he had so much fun!

The Akron Zoo is smaller, so we made the rounds pretty quick. I took a few inside, but then it started to rain so I didn’t get any more outdoor photos.

I love how he looks when you take a picture of the back of the costume, with the eyeballs up. Also, yes, he is wearing his eyeball necklace from the previous night again.

After the zoo, we went to Luigi’s for lunch, which I had been craving, so that was perfect! Jameson and Jonathan did really well with dinner, and Jameson ate rigatoni though no ravioli.

He finally ate filled pasta for the first time at daycare the other day; they said he ate it all (either that, or it was all on the floor and they couldn’t tell what he ate, right?!)

Due to Hurricane Sandy and the bad weather this week, our city Trick or Treat has been rescheduled to Sunday, which nice. By the time Halloween festivities are over, Jameson will have worn his costume for 4 days! Lots of adorable pictures of him in Elmo.

Yesterday on Halloween we didn’t lack for Halloween celebration; I went to his school’s Halloween Party and took some photos. More on that to come!

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