23 Months Old

23 Months! We went from some of my favorite monthly photos ever last month, to a terrible photo session with barely any usable photos in the usual block positions. We resorted to putting blocks on a book in front of the chair and ottoman. He definitely has some distinct preferences now, insisting on his way.

Jameson can open the doors at daycare with the handles; I’m happy that we have knobs here at home. He continues to try and jump, and in the past few days he seems closer, jumping to his knees or leaping, where both feet are off the ground for a moment, even if he still leads with one foot. His favorite toy at the moment is the step stool, and his favorite loveys are still his small blanket square and little bear. Favorite song? Hands down, it’s still “ee ii ee ii oh” (Old McDonald)

He loves to wrestle with dad, and imitate him. He enjoying “fixing” his cozy coupe car outside with a set of dad’s real wrenches.

Jameson only wanted to wear eyeball shirts this month, and says “eyeball” with gusto. He loves his eyeball shirts and is upset when they’re all in the wash! But small reasoning works most of the time, saying “you can wear it tomorrow” or “we have to do this first before we can do this”.

A lot of new words appeared this month, and a lot of new phrases. “Sit” (which sounds like another dirty word I know), “high five”, “up”, “down”, “treat”, “yayo” which is yogurt his very favorite breakfast food (he also likes “c bar”s for cereal bars); “zip”, “all right!”, and he finally said “grandpa” and “meemaw”; grandma is still a little beyond his tongue but he is making huge strides every day. He said meemaw during facetime for the first time on 11/2, and grandpa on 11/4 after trick or treating, telling him goodnight.

“uh oh” sometimes changes to “oopsie” which is adorable. He notices when things are out of place, like when Sasha rips apart a new buddy toy.

My favorite new ones is “who did it” and “I did it” as well as the independent “myself” (as in, I’ll do it myself). He loves to say “who did that” ever since grandma started saying that when he would kick out the kitchen table drawer with his feet. Then he tells us he wants to “close” it himself after he’s done eating.

He is starting to answer past tense questions like “did you have fun today?”. Yesterday we asked him who lived next door while we looked at Christmas lights, and he distinctly said “Lily”, so we are enjoying his new found thinking skills.

Jameson also started using the potty this month! After a couple months of sitting on the potty but not doing anything, it seemed to click with him how to go just last week. Now, he goes pretty consistently when he sits on the potty. At home, getting him to sit on the potty during the day is hard. When he gets up and before bed are pretty easy. He seems to start holding it sometimes as well, so the next steps will be to teach him how to tell us when he goes, which could be a complicated lengthy process. We still have no intention on rushing anything for before the baby arrives, so there is no pressure to perform.

We do have a hard time getting him to wash hands afterwards. The only thing that helps is picking out a new hand soap (and I have a lot).

Speaking of the baby, we have discussed it with him a couple times, and when he was around our neighbor baby he seemed fascinated and enjoyed him, but when I ask him if he wants a baby too he consistently says “no”. We’ll see! His reasoning skills improve every day, so in a couple more months it may become more real to him, especially as he moves into his big boy room this month, and we can start talking about a baby moving into his old room.

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