Thanks Giving & Santa

Just like last year, we visited Santa just before Thanksgiving! This year, Jameson had a lot more awareness and told us that, yes, he wanted to see Santa when we asked.

Santa beckoned him close (we were first in line) and asked if Jameson would like to see him. Jameson said yes, but didn’t want to sit on his lap, so Brian sat down with him.

“What would you like for Christmas?” Silence; dad prompted him with “cars” and Jameson repeated after him. Santa suggested trucks too and Jameson agreed that sounded good also, repeating “trucks”.

Jameson said “thank you” quietly and we left. So charming! We went upstairs then to the tree festival, which Jameson dragged us through very quickly. He ran his little excited skipping step, and he even got to meet a couple dogs.

All told, he went to bed just an hour later than usual, though dinner was a bit rough with a lot of food throwing! It was a great time.

We told him he needed to be good so he could see grandma today, so he has been on his best behavior. Hope everyone else gets to enjoy a family-filled Thanksgiving today!

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