Santa Parade!

The weekend prior to Thanksgiving, we went to our friends JP, Lisa and Jonathan’s house for dinner and their local parade, which ends in Santa waving hello to all the kids!

First of all, Jonathan was ready for a dance party in the living room! Jameson wasn’t so sure about it though and didn’t want to dance. That’s okay, Jonathan was awesome enough for the two of them!

They enjoyed snacks before dinner (and I enjoyed a mocktail).

Then there was a minor scuffle over the broom. Both boys wanted to clean up. I am not sure how long this stage lasts, but I am pretty happy that Jameson wants to be involved in everything we do, which includes chores.

Luckily, there were two different brooms for the kids.

Dinner was excellent. JP and Lisa made an outrageously good macaroni and cheese, rich and creamy with winter greens, bacon and premium cheeses. Mmmmm…

For dessert, we enjoyed pumpkin bars. Jameson even ate some! (And not just the whipped cream this time)

Then it was off to the parade! The boys aren’t as easily contained by strollers anymore, and quickly wanted out and on dads’ shoulders or walking around. (Jonathan was expert at kicking his shoes off)

Jameson enjoyed the trucks and the dogs in the parade, though the loud noises occasionally startled him. They handed out free glow wands which are battery powered, so we’ve gotten some further use out of these since then.

We enjoyed seeing Santa as well, though it was even more fun to get up close and personal the following week! The parade was fun, and we got to see some lights and get into the holiday spirit. It’s after Thanksgiving now, so I don’t have to hide my Christmas music anymore 😉


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