Thanksgiving at Home

This Thanksgiving, we spent our time at home. It was nice to have 4 full days off with no real obligations! We made big changes for Jameson, which I’ll share soon, and spent Thanksgiving dinner at Brian’s parents.

At grandma’s house, Jameson has duplicate versions of his loveys at home. So there are two blankets and one bear, just like at home. Our blankets at home though are getting a little more ratty than these… Jameson loves to lay his head on the soft blankets.

Jameson is becoming quite the demanding little toddler, but his grandparents and Aunt Melissa don’t mind! When he said “sit!” they sat.

Time for dinner! I broke out the bib that I bought for him last year, which he never got to wear since I forgot it then.

Jameson enjoyed stealing green beans from grandma’s plate. He was a pretty good sport about trying most everything but the turkey, and he particularly loved grandma’s homemade cranberry relish.

Dinner was early enough that there was plenty of time to play after.

Jameson wanted to help re-inflate the beach ball…

Which they used to stand on.

The best games are at grandma and grandpa’s house, for sure.

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