Trim the Tree

Saturday it was beautiful out, and we got our Christmas tree. We like to get real trees (I in particular, since I grew up with fake trees, still think it’s a novelty. I think Brian would be happy with either).

Picking out a Tree

This year Jameson helped pick out the tree (or really, just touched them all). He loved watching the worker cut our tree and kept saying “cut” over and over. However, when it came to trimming the tree on Sunday, he was a little less helpful.

I had a whole box of ornaments put away just for Jameson to be able to hang, but you know he didn’t want to hang those ornaments. He wanted to help with all the breakable, shiny and glittery ornaments. He was pretty good with them though for the most part, and handed them over nicely after getting threatened with a timeout once.

Also, he was a big fan of the small bell garland and tried it on, running around with it.

Bell Garland

Brian entertained Jameson for a good while with a collapsible ornament. Jameson kept trying to blow it over, and while Brian tried to get him to kiss it to help it back up, mostly it was just slobber everywhere!




Now that Sasha is only on one floor, she took over the Christmas tree corner, so we had to find a new corner! I rather like the tree near the window now, and it seems a little more spacious. So here it is, in all it’s glory!

Christmas Tree

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