Winning the Weekend

This was a great weekend! I felt like I won (if winning is possible for a weekend?). I got caught up on laundry, made beds everyday, did dishes promptly, decorated Jameson’s bathroom and even got family photos done!

We had swimming lessons on Saturday for the second time (but I haven’t posted about it because Brian hasn’t sent photos to me yet. Brian!?) and that always results in a great nap.

Brian even got to ride his bike during naptime. While at lessons, Brian went to the local market (not as great as a farmers market but it sure comes close). He got a lot of fresh vegetables we have been enjoying.

He also came home with flowers, for no reason. He claimed Jameson requested that he get some for me. I love these boys!


On Saturday afternoon we watched the Lion King, which is Jameson’s favorite movie. He hasn’t seen a whole lot of movies yet, but this one he enjoys watching the beginning and really managed to watch a lot of it while playing. He loves naming all the animals and does so without prompting. I love hearing him say “zebah”

Brian enjoyed him laying next to him for awhile. It’s a rarity to have him sit still!

Watching TV

Watching TV

There was even time for some flashcard practice! Note the “lela” for umbrella, the “ball” for yarn, “bike” for unicycle and a few other ones repeated after Brian. When he walks away, he tells us he is going to go walk, which made me laugh.


After getting his advent ornament Saturday evening, he walked back to the stockings and proceeded to recite numbers one through seven without prompting or skipping any. We were shocked!

Sunday, we dropped Jameson off at grandma and grandpa’s for the day (who Jameson is now calling “lamb-aw” and “papa”). While he had fun with them, we went winter coat shopping for my belly (success!), lunch and furniture shopping (also reasonable success but no purchases yet).

This was on top of the family photo I captured that morning, which I am not sharing since there was only one perfect one that will be on our Christmas cards. Suffice it to say that everyone is smiling, looking natural and at the camera! Jameson may or may not have been bribed with dice. I am not sure where he got this thing for dice…

Later, Brian managed to find time to make a roast and Jameson had face time with his other grandparents, “meemaw” and grandpa. We opened another stocking, hung it on the tree and had our advent chocolate. Jameson turned on and off light switches, refused most of the meal and was clearly exhausted from his play time that day.

We practiced swimming in the bathtub, I finished Christmas cards (would you believe that I ordered from WalMart? Yes. We’ll see how they come out), and we even relaxed in front of the TV. If only every weekend could be the same!

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