Sugar Baby

It’s been a roller coaster couple weeks! Due to insurance changes, I pushed one of my doctor’s appointments into December, and so I felt like I missed a lot of work due to that appointment, the one I had the very next week AND the one I had the week after that!

I had appointments 3 weeks in a row for a) a check up; b) 1 hr glucose test; c) 3 hr glucose test.

The check up went well. My blood pressure, for the first time ever, was a little high at 130/72. No one seemed concerned at that point, and luckily at the next appointment everything was back to normal. I have a feeling it was from other upcoming events and work stress!

I’m currently measuring about a week behind bellywise, but that’s nothing to worry over.

The glucose test was pretty miserable as I was by myself sitting in the room for an hour. I surfed on my phone. Sadly, though not unexpectedly, my results came back elevated so we had to go in for the 3 hour test.

The 3 hour test is even more miserable: I have done this before, since I had gestational diabetes with my pregnancy with Jameson. I knew what I was in for! 4 blood draws in 3 hours; 1 for fasting and the rest for after you down that sickeningly sweet orange gatorade glucose bottle. Each wrist was drawn from once, and my right arm was drawn from (1 failed attempt) 3 times.

I was entirely confident that I had gestational diabetes again. I can tell when I consume too much sugar since my heart starts racing and I breathe a little quicker. In fact, I thought I had it worse this time.

As it turns out, I am gestational diabetes free!! They called me the same day as the test this week to let me know. I had just 1 elevated blood level, and I know from my previous experience that last time I had 2 elevated levels, so I feel like I just slipped by.

Which also means I’m sure I should still eat more healthy and consume less sugar voluntarily.

Which I’m totally committed to. After Christmas 😉

P.S. The only bummers about this is that a) I get less ultrasounds and check ups; and b) I will certainly gain more weight this time! Advantages are a chubbier baby and less appointments. Oh, and no restricted diet.

However, as we approach the end I will be asking about ultrasounds since last time we were induced due to low fluid levels around Jameson. I would definitely want to catch something like that happening again, and without the extra testing, I am not sure that we would notice it otherwise.

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