Woodland Lights

Sunday night before Christmas we went to the Woodland Lights as a family. We told Jameson he was going to see the lights, and talked about how pretty they were! He was pretty excited just to get outside, I think.

While we had just gotten a lot of snow where we live, there wasn’t any at my parents’, so it was easy and not too cold to walk around that evening.



Jameson took hold of Aunt Holly’s hand right away and walked with her almost the entire time!


Aunt Holly and Uncle Tyler, waiting for tickets to get in!

We took a few family photos before getting too far. Jameson really wanted to walk though, he wasn’t too interested in standing still for photos!




We had one more task to do though before we could leisurely walk through the rest of the lights; we had to see Santa!

Jameson already saw Santa once this year, but there was no line so close to Christmas, so we decided to go ahead and see him once more! Here’s Jameson and Meemaw:


He still wasn’t willing to sit on Santa’s lap, but he sat next to him just fine.



Aside from lights, there are a few animals to see. Jameson got to see chickens (which was great, since he only wants Owls and Chickens on his farm when we sing Old McDonald recently).


He also saw fox and the stars of the show, reindeer! Jameson tried to feed the reindeer the candy cane treat he got from Santa, but dad rescued it.



Meemaw and Jameson

Jameson did great. He didn’t ask to be held much at all, and loved walking around and seeing all the pretty lights.

Last stop was to see the gingerbread houses inside. There was even a farm gingerbread house!

Gingerbread Houses

We all enjoyed visiting the Woodland Lights. It was their 20th anniversary, and we had gone a lot as kids but not for a long time, so it was nice for everyone to do it together, for Jameson!

Oh, and for the record, he did enjoy his first candy cane. I thought I might get to eat it, but alas, he ate near half the small treat before he was finished.

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