Hide and Seek & 25 Months

Hide and Seek Face

Jameson is starting to understand games, in a limited sense. His game of choice is Hide and Seek, and most of the time he likes to be the seeker, shouting “I find me!” when he finds mommy or daddy. He frequently looks in the spot the hider just hid in previously, but he is starting to follow sounds when we yell “ready!” to know what room we are in.

The best part of the game is when we tell him to close his eyes, and he scrunches up his entire face.

Closing Eyes

When he hides, he doesn’t always pick the most difficult locations. He likes to see where you are looking for him and isn’t always a quiet hider 🙂


Yesterday, his teacher told us that she counted the children after gym and discover one missing. A little girl told her that he was hiding! Jameson had hid himself in a closet, and was apparently standing pole straight and unmoving. He is really starting to understand the hiding concept, which is pretty funny. He gets so excited when he finds someone or is found, shouting “More hide!”

A few other phrases this month: “I’m back!”, “I pet” (for Sasha), “Chase you” which sounds like tissue. He is even starting to say his name occasionally, sounding like Jamie (or chicken… so maybe we haven’t had a lot of success there yet).

We have a couple baby names picked out and have had him try to say both. He can say both better than his own name, so that is good, ha!

Potato Head

Sometime between 2 years and 25 months, he successfully started jumping! It just took a few months.

We are still having quite a bit of sleep issues, and have decided to try a gate at his room so we can leave the door open without worrying that he will exit his room, since yelling at him to get back in his room is just prolonging the issue. Poor thing still occasionally falls asleep on the floor. Luckily, he still stays asleep and doesn’t get up in the middle of the night, so we are thankful for that.

He started transitioning to the Viking room at daycare yesterday, and we are all sad that Ms Cara will not be able to join him this time. In fact, Nathan isn’t transitioning yet either. Luckily, his teachers say he knows Logan and Alessa who already transitioned to the new room. He is at a stage where he doesn’t want to come home and wants to keep playing at school, so I am less concerned about this transition than previous ones. He is a confident, rambunctious toddler.

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