Third Trimester

I’m at 32 weeks as of last Friday, and let me tell you, I am feeling every inch of those 32 weeks.

Last week, all of a sudden, everything became exponentially harder, like my body had reached it’s natural limits and everything else now is stretching poor, already worn muscles. Laying on the floor next to the fireplace feels amazing, until I have to get up. Then I have to crawl for a little before finding support to lift myself back to my feet.

Heartburn is back, as is the pillow between my legs keeping my spine a little straighter. New stretchmarks started arriving two days ago. I am constantly sore and often uncomfortable.

And I have two more months to go!

Overall, I do feel healthy. I am happy I don’t have gestational diabetes and can eat what I want. I am happy that means I’ll probably have a larger baby this time around (which hopefully means average sized, rather than undersized!). I’m also pretty happy to know this is my last baby, because I don’t particularly enjoy the discomforts of pregnancy.

(For the record, I am again borderline as I was with Jameson, but just on the opposite side, so they have told me to watch my diet, but honestly speaking, I haven’t done much of that)

Little girl is pretty active, mostly in the evenings and of course, after meals and sugar. I have been overthinking names for her, since the one we had picked out through our last pregnancy with Jameson (since we didn’t find out the gender with him) doesn’t ring as nice to my ears as another I have picked out. Brian is of the wait and see what she looks like mindset, and I have three names in my head and want to use all of them.

In a couple more weeks, we have our potential final ultrasound, though I think I will push for one more closer to the due date for reassurance regarding her fluid levels, since Jameson required induction at 39 weeks due to the low fluid levels around him. Time is flying with this second pregnancy, and we have finally ordered baby girl’s dresser for her room, and I even had a baby shower this past weekend!

While things at work are in major upheaval, and I am trying to focus on this time with Jameson and getting settled at home, it’s harder this time around to focus on the pregnancy and progress and the tiny excitements of baby kicking and flipping. Instead, I’m much more focused on her impending arrival and excited to take photos of a precious newborn again. We can’t wait!

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