Our Visit to the Aquarium

Sunday we visited the Cleveland Aquarium for the first time. We thought it was good timing, before baby is born to take Jameson since strollers are not allowed. It’s pretty small in comparison to a few others that I’ve been to, but Jameson didn’t care. He enjoyed seeing all the fish!


It was a little like our visit to the Natural History Museum because he wanted to run around, but Brian kept him under control and we even got him to stay still for a bit when there was something particularly fascinating to look at. You never knew what would fascinate the toddler though!

He focused on the sea urchins because they were “stuck” to the glass. He was very concerned and wanted us to fix them!


We met Toby the big fish (who is really named Toby a worker told us; he used to be a pet!). Jameson said hi and bye to Toby. He loved the big fish the most.

The best part of our visit though was the shark exhibit. We pointed out the sharks big teeth, which Jameson enjoyed. They had the tunnel and the sharks floated over us. We happened to be in the tunnel during a lull in activity, so we lingered and pointed out all the sharks in the tank as they approached us over and over.


That’s a stingray. Jameson wanted to be picked up so he could get really close to the glass!



We had a lot of fun, and Jameson talked a lot about fish and teeth (and evolved into talking about Sasha’s teeth at home too) on the way back. Oh, and he asked for a cheeseburger. That’s his new thing, since we have gotten happy meals for him a few times after swimming lessons, that he should get a cheeseburger!

We went instead to the Winking Lizard for lunch which is always great for Jameson since there is so much distraction; lunch there is usually easy and relatively quiet! We dropped him off at Grandma’s for a few hours after that and the first thing Jameson talked about when we arrived was “lunch!” haha.

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