One Month to Go

I said one month, but it is more like three weeks!

We’re approaching the end of this, our second and anticipated final pregnancy. I am happy that its nearly over. While I can say it definitely has been nicer this time around to be able to eat whatever I want (within reason), otherwise this pregnancy has been much harder on me than the first.

The Braxton Hicks are painful and frequent though not at all regular. My body is sore and less tolerant this time around. Sometimes baby’s movements make me feel as though I’ve lost some feeling in one leg, I think she is hitting a nerve. Thankfully, in the past two to three weeks, she has grown large enough that she can’t flip all the way around, so her kicks and movements aren’t quite as uncomfortable.

We are one day shy of 37 weeks, which puts us at technically full term. Doctor’s estimated size at 34 weeks was 5 pounds 4 oz, and on time delivery will be an average 7 something pound baby. He did however throw out a few concerns around her being too large to deliver naturally, given that Jameson was so much smaller, though I am confident that won’t be an issue.

So far, her fluid levels are perfectly normal, we measured with an ultrasound both at 34 and 36 weeks since we had that trouble with Jameson, this past Tuesday. With everything going perfectly smooth, excepting my own discomfort, we are hopeful that she’ll at least wait to make her grand entrance after March 2 when we take Jameson to see Sesame Street Live! We’re pretty excited about that. So far, no reason to have another induction which I hope to avoid.

Speaking of Jameson, we are actively talking about baby every day and introduced his “I’m a big brother” book this past weekend. He loves it, and it helps that he has just recently started more imaginary play, including brushing his teddy bear’s teeth, hair, and wrapping him in a blanket like a baby. Grandma started that one! He is finally showing more interest in having a baby around (at least, we are not getting no’s as much anymore when you ask him if he’s going to have a baby sister).

Her new dresser is arriving next week, and all her sheets and first clothes and blankets are washed and ready. My bag is packed with the important thing (clothes) and this weekend I’m preparing the rest of my bag and Jameson, for wherever he’ll stay (probably grandma and Aunt Melissa alternating depending on how quickly it seems she will arrive).

And as for names? Still undetermined. We have two ideas and will decide after she’s born. Soon!

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