26 Months

Even though I am not taking photos of Jameson with his chair and blocks, I am still writing down his monthly accomplishments and milestones in a notebook. So despite that fact that this is nearly half a month! late, these are in fact some of the things he did between January 16 and February 16!

Jameson has developed quite a bit of memory. He told his Meemaw that he went swimming during FaceTime later one weekend, and definitely remembered that we stopped and got him a cheeseburger after swimming lessons the previous week because the next week? He insisted on a “cheeseburger” on the way home. Plus fries, apples, and milk. (We don’t care so much about the Happy Meal toys yet)

He also became best friends with Sasha this month. Previously, their relationship was one of mutual concern. He liked to pet Sasha when she was calm, and she likewise only wanted to lick Jameson when he was calm. They both expressed concern when one or the other was too excited. This month? Jameson put that all behind him and insisted on telling her things, showing her things, and hugging he goodbye, and talking about her frequently. She hasn’t quite changed her attitude yet though, ha!

Some new, more fun words he had this month were “slippery” and “bumpy”. He is regularly repeating after us (no swear words yet, shockingly) and has started more expansive phrases, but I still love hearing these kinds of new words out of his mouth. He has stayed very polite, not always remembering please but pretty consistently remembering to say “thank you”. Sometimes he tacks on a “sir” for “thank you sir” at the end of it, because that is what he hears from me to his dad, so that is particularly entertaining.

He was pretty sick this month with winter colds and a less than 24 hour stomach bug. The saddest thing he learned this month was requesting to go to the bathroom to throw up in the toilet. We were grateful that he understood after we took him in there just a few times because it cut down on clean up, but we sure did hate for him to need to learn it in the first place. Dad stayed up with him and slept in his room. Finally at about 3 am he stopped, and the next day, after careful reintroduction of food, he was fine.

This month he also discovered how to open Doorknobs. After just a few days, we put doorknob safety locks on the pantry, followed a few days later by the inside of his room (because we’ve been having gate issues we sometimes have to close his door before bed to show him we’re serious about him staying in his room!), and then we also put one on the basement door.

Probably the most exciting things this month were saying his name (finally!), and moving to the next room at school, the Vikings room. Sadly, his teacher who has followed him from day one was not able to transition up to the new room with him this time, but after about a week and a half (and after his best friend Nathan joined him), he is fine. He loves the toys in the new room. Oh, and he did have a girlfriend for at least a day, they were caught holding hands.

He did have his Valentine’s party in the old room where most of his friends were, but this was the first year we exchanged valentines at school which was cute.

My favorite part of the new room is the tiny little water fountain just outside it, where he has learned to get drinks of water himself.

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