Coraline at the Hospital

We didn’t get settled and sleeping our first night until about 3 am. The hospital does things a bit differently since just two years prior when I gave birth to Jameson. They did most examinations in the room with us!

So we got to experience Coraline’s very first bath at the hospital and watch them stamp her feet on her card that very night.

Will she be a self soother? So far, she isn’t a fan of the pacifier but she doesn’t have a good handle on her hands yet either. Right now, she is using me as a pacifier instead!

The next day, she met her Grandma and Aunt Melissa, and later on her Grandpa too on dad’s side of the family.

Dad went home for a little while to set up the bassinet, pack and play and bouncer at home.While dad was away, we went to visit our friend Teresa just across the hall and her brand new baby! It was nice to have a little company, and a reason to walk around the hall.

She passed her hearing test. First they tested her in the room with us which was inconclusive in one ear, and then was tested in the nursery where it was quieter just to make sure.  The only thing they didn’t do in the room with us was have the pediatrician look her over, but she was noted as “perfect” after her visit with the pediatrician too!

Coraline decided that she was mostly done sleeping for the day then, and stayed up from 3 in the afternoon until late that night when we finally requested a nurse to take her to the nursery for a little while so we could get some sleep. It was difficult because every time she fell asleep, the nurses would make their rounds for either myself or her.

For the most part though, they really seemed to leave us alone. We were surprised just how much so compared to our first time. It helped that she is such a great eater! It was such a relief for us not to have to worry about each feeding with her.

The next day, we simply waited to go home.

And waited, and waited and waited. I was discharged early that morning, but little lady wasn’t officially discharged until early afternoon around two.

We finally got home around 4, after just over a day and a half at the hospital.

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