6 Weeks Old

Though Coraline is wearing short sleeves in her 6 week picture, it really wasn’t warm enough for that on that Wednesday. However, on Friday the week prior, the weather was warm enough for being outside in short sleeves, well into the 70’s! While we still have cooler days, we have enough warm ones that I have enjoyed being outside with her on occasion.

It was also cloudy enough that I dared bring her out into the grass to get a photo of her on her handmade quilt from a good family friend. She also made a beautiful quilt for Jameson when he was a baby.

Coraline is wearing a bonnet that I wore when I was a baby. It fit her perfectly, though I imagine as the summer goes on we will also need to use a wide brimmed hat that covers her neck and provides more shade to her face since babies aren’t supposed to have sunscreen on until they are at least 6 months.

She currently has distinctly blue eyes, which I adore. Whereas with Jameson, I was never really sure what color they were¬†depending on the light (blue, gray, greenish hazel?), hers are very blue. I expect they will fade to the same gray that Jameson has, since I don’t believe blue eyes run in the family (certainly not on my side anyway!)

Since then, she has slowly moved out of newborn stage into baby, sleeping less, becoming much more fussy, and getting more social. She doesn’t seem to smile as much as Jameson at this age, but is quickly catching up. I spent much of my time holding her this week and last, and she tolerated a lot less playtime on her own. I have read that fussiness peaks at 6-8 weeks, so I am just hoping that is true, since it has gotten worse since her 6 week photo.

Over the weekend, we went to Aunt Melissa’s brand new house! Brian helped move her in on Saturday before last, and we visited with Jameson and Coraline on Sunday. We also went to church on Sunday, or rather, just me and the kids. Brian stayed home and managed to finally get some of our outdoor projects and clean up underway. Coraline was okay, but needed fed midway through.

I managed to get her sleeping enough that I got photos of her feet and rings! Just like I did with Jameson.

She seems to enjoy the swing and Jameson little kid chair, but not the bouncer. We also tried the Bumbo seat, but she’s not really ready for it yet. (Jameson, however, as we’ve talked about is enjoying it!)

I love her in the kid chair and managed to get a few self portraits with her.

I love this one of us and the sunlight behind. She is getting so big and chubby, I do love her little rolls, though it is a new experience for us, keeping those clean!

And that is all I’ll say about 6 weeks. My mind is stuck on this seventh week, which we are finally approaching the end of in just a couple days. It hasn’t been a good one, I’ll say that. The photo above, taken at exactly 6 weeks, gives a hint of what’s to come. She finally passed out sitting up while I was out at lunch. Not taking a pacifier or bottle does tend to make things extra difficult during outings.

But looking back on these photos prior to that reminds me that everything is a phase which she will hopefully grow out of. Soon.

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