Playdates and Friends

The weekend before last, Jonathan came over for a visit on Saturday afternoon, followed by a beautiful Sunday with neighbors and even the grandchildren of our other next door neighbors popping over to play before my celebratory birthday dinner.

After exhausting themselves outside, they came in and JP and Lisa offered to help try Coraline on the bottle (relatively unsuccessfully again…). Jonathan and Jameson watched a little tv, mesmerized.

Brian brought out the Elmo Telephone app on the ipad which is always a hit, and then a little cookie monster. No one wanted to leave!

Sunday, we brought out the bounce house again for Jameson and Lily. It is nice to have it in the backyard this year now that we have a yard again!

Brian’s parents and sister came over to celebrate my birthday over dinner. Coraline just loved being outside enjoying the evening air before dinner time.

Both neighbors came over. The older couple on the other side of us had their adult children and grandkids over, and it was wonderful to see the swing set fully in use!

After our dinner, it was time to sing! When Brian said we didn’t have any candles, Jameson ran to get a regular yellow candle on the entryway table. He was so excited to be helpful! So we lit that candle and Jameson helped me blow it out.

Another year gone!

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