9 Weeks Old

Coraline turned 9 weeks old at Meemaw and Grandpa’s house, so we made sure to bring the blocks!

She had a big week this week; not only with her first visit to Meemaw and Grandpa’s house but also her baptism; she got to see Meemaw and Grandpa 5 out of 7 days during her 9th week of life! Lucky lady.

I’ve already shared the details of her baptism, but I just love this photo of her and I. It was such a special Mother’s Day!

We took a few other photos before the service, which included this one that both cracked me up and made me nervous that she wouldn’t be good during the service! She started crying while she sat there, and Jameson climbed right up and tried to give her “knuckles”. Since her hands are in natural fists, he was excited that she had indeed given him knuckles back!

Then we were off to Meemaw and Grandpa’s house! We loved spending time on their deck out back which had some shade constantly throughout the day. Coraline just loved sitting outside there.

We also enjoyed taking her on our long walks to the park where she would tend to nap. Alas, she did not want to nap when we tried to go shopping our last full day though!

I love this photo in particular because it captures her smile in the moment, at it’s widest. I get a lot of happy faces, but it’s hard to capture the pure delight on her face when her smile is biggest!

This week she continued to work on finding her thumb. Still no dice, just a fist.

The vaccines from her 2 month shots made her a little fussy initially, but seemed to be gone by the next day. She seemed to have some bouts of gas though that made her a little fussy at times. She slept great in the pack and play though at night, and she’s still a noisy sleeper!

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