Two Hand Old (10 Weeks)

This week we were plagued with bouts of gas; Coraline went from pooping a couple times a day to every diaper change or more with her gas. I don’t think it was diarrhea since she didn’t appear dehydrated or ill in any other way other than her pain-filled gas. The gas drops seemed to help her, thankfully. Alas we had to miss a friend’s bridal shower because this caused a terrible diaper rash that I refused to allow her to sit in for a long drive there and back. Instead we stayed home, changed lots of diapers (and moved her up into size 2!), and enjoyed playing outside with Jameson.

We seemed to turn the corner this week; after we returned from Meemaw and Grandpa’s and got over the gas, she really relaxed and became like the content newborn we had when she was first born as long as she gets her naps, even if they’re just 30 minutes at a time.

Coraline is starting to actually enjoy the bouncer, and we’ve seen the return of our content baby for long stretches of time kicking her legs like mad on the bouncer or playmat or even outside on her quilt. Her hands have also started to stretch open and relax, releasing the fists that they are usually balled up in. It won’t be long before she is reaching for the toys above her playmat instead of just talking at them.

She just loves to be outside, and rotating her outside and in on the playmat, bouncer, swing and changing table keeps her interested and happy. I continue to be able to shower in the mornings as she lays on her infant lounger pillow just looking around. I hope it doesn’t change! When Jameson was her age, Brian was gone his 10th week and I distinctly remember that being a hard week for us. For Coraline, things turned around earlier.

I have always complained that babies can be a bit boring, young ones that can’t sit up or do much yet. However, Coraline may yet prove me wrong. This is our last week of formal weekly photos and I love to be able to end on a good note.

Except those stupid bottles. I sure do wish we were having better luck with that; it’s going to be hard week for us in another week or so. Listening to her scream while we try to feed her from one of the 7 different bottles we have does not get any easier, no matter what strategy we use.

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