Water Slide

The weekend before last was so hot, we enjoyed pulling out the pool that goes with our swing set and playing outside. (Sadly our Memorial Weekend was COLD!) Jameson loves dumping water down the slide and going down after it.

After over a week without a proper nap (since he doesn’t nap anywhere but school, he didn’t sleep at Meemaw and Grandpa’s or over the weekends), he was simply exhausted and on Sunday he passed out on Brian. Brian moved him onto the couch by himself where he slept for over two hours before we woke him up.

Coraline even napped some at the same time, and a quiet house in the middle of the day was very odd.

We also found eggs in the bird’s nest on our porch. However, something got into the eggs since and its now empty; mother bird has abandoned the nest. I was particularly disappointed since I wanted to both document it and show Jameson their growth. They were pretty.

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