Fresh from the Garden

We finally got some rain at the end of last week; it was nice not to have to water the garden. Also to start filling our rain barrel!

Brian called around local breweries and wineries looking for an old barrel; we obtained one a couple weeks ago and he built a stand for it and installed it around the shed gutters (also newly installed).

It has a minor leak around the spigot which he just installed, but otherwise it looks like it’s going to work out perfect.

The garden is coming along great, and I was excited to see the radishes shot straight up. Within a couple weeks I already had to thin them out. We also have pole beans, carrots and green onions sprouting, and the peppers and tomato plants are getting bigger.

Last week we also added mint and strawberries potted, planted lettuce, and some additional pepper plants and basil.

Saturday was also our very first crop share program pick up. After three years of being on the waiting list, we finally were able to obtain “shares” at a local farm. We pay a lump sum, and each week we pick up a box of fresh produce. In our box this week was kale, bok choy, turnips, radishes, mustard greens, and a lettuce head. You can’t see the lettuce head here or the bok choy.

I’m so excited with the fresh veggies we are going to have this summer!

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