Thomas the Train

Brian’s birthday was on Saturday, and he opted to spend a little extra time this Memorial Weekend with family and took off work on Friday. We took Jameson to see Thomas the Train at our local railroad!

It was so brisk on Friday in the lower 40’s that we had to wear heavy coats, jeans and hats after weeks of shorts and short sleeve weather. It was a rough transition but worth it to see Jameson excited. He started out with a solemn observant face but got more excited as Thomas approached.

Jameson was even more excited once we got on the train; we had another 15 minute wait before the train was to leave the station but he was so well behaved. He even refused snacks!

Speaking of well behaved, Coraline was simply adorable and pleasant the entire time. She sat still for about 15 minutes and then enjoyed her back being patted for about a half hour, just looking around. After the ride, she fell back asleep in her stroller and on the way home. I am so proud that we enjoyed a family outing without anyone crying.

Well-dressed conductor-like attendants came by and hole punched our tickets. Jameson was a little concerned but always happy to be helpful and hand our tickets over.

During the ride, we saw water and trees and flowers and passed on rail crossing and waved at the cars as we passed. I loved this photo since I could see Jameson’s reflection in the window.

We opted against professional photos after we exited the train and instead took a few of our own in front of Thomas. So much fun! Jameson told us at dinner that he had fun riding Thomas the train and that he was going to tell Lily (our neighbor friend) and Mr. Curtis (her dad) about it the next day.

After the train ride, they had some other activities. Jameson had a cold which was causing a fever between Advil doses (ok we found out Saturday it was strep throat and an ear infection, so we sincerely apologize if we got anyone else sick!), so we didn’t want to spend much more time there.

He sat in the construction truck at the before the ride, and ended going into the pilot seat in part of an airplane. But I think his favorite, other than the ride itself, was getting a tattoo to remind him of this fun day!

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