Birthday Boy

On Brian’s birthday, his parents and sister came over. Coraline was dressed to impress Grandma with her I <3 Grandma shirt on.




Jameson insisted on blowing out the “birthday” candle again, as we did for my birthday. In fact, he got it out as soon as everyone arrived. We told him he had to wait for the candle until later but that we would sing happy birthday. We sang, and then Jameson immediately asked for cake! No no, not yet!


Grandma brought over a fruit salad which Jameson wanted to dig right into while Grandpa and Dad finished the ribs off on the grill. This boy was obviously hungry.



And the birthday boy himself, enjoying ribs from Grandpa. We made the pasta salad to go with it, and Aunt Melissa brought over ice cream cake. It’s too bad it wasn’t a little warmer so we could eat outside with this great summer meal!




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