Memorial Day Friends

We took Jameson to see the doctor on Saturday over the holiday weekend and found out he had strep throat and an ear infection, but thankfully he wasn’t contagious 24 hours later, so we still were able to get together with JP, Lisa & Jonathan on Sunday in celebration of Memorial Day and Brian’s birthday. (Mmm another ice cream cake!)


I love this close up of Jameson; he was hamming it up for the camera, which is rare for him. He still moves very fast so I took about 20 of these hoping one would be in focus. To get his natural smile, I made him laugh a little by asking him to show his teeth (that’s what this pose is below)


He may have had strep, but that didn’t stop me from getting one of the two of them together. It was still on the cool side so everyone was in long sleeves but I loved the opportunity to get Coraline next to Jameson outside. She’s getting ever sturdier and is a little less intimidating for him. He was willing to put his arm around her.


When I laid Coraline down in the yard in our limited shade with her blanket, Jameson had to get his and join in as well.




We enjoyed bratwurst and burgers with JP and Lisa’s pasta salad and corn on the cob. Jameson is an expert at eating corn this year, but he did lose his first piece on the patio. Oops! Good thing we made extra.


The boys only sat at the table for about 5 minutes before they joined us at the adult table; luckily there were plenty of chairs.


After dinner, we all played outside for a while. Coraline got a little antsy and over tired though. It didn’t stop the party though!


Jameson and Jonathan decided it would be great fun to go down the slides head first… Clearly a lot of fun! The slides aren’t too high and they don’t get much speed so we all enjoyed watching the boys find this new way to play.



I love seeing Jonathan and Jameson play together. Jameson was so excited for him to come over and kept saying “Jonathan play with me?”, and even though by the end of the day he was exhausted and cranky, undoubtedly in part because of being ill, it was so much fun.


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