Visit with Meemaw aka While Daddy Was Away

Even though both Jameson and Coraline spent most of their days at school the week before I went back to work, they still enjoyed some good times with Meemaw while Daddy was gone.

Meemaw came bringing donuts! Jameson enjoyed them for breakfast and snack in the evening each day. He was so very disappointed on Wednesday afternoon when they were all gone after school.

Mmmm donuts from Meemaw for dessert

Coraline was tired each evening obviously, and while I helped prepare dinner Meemaw would hold Coraline and watch TV with Jameson. Meemaw also helped me make stir fry one night which is outside the scope of my usual skills (I can bake chicken, make pasta, and I did manage to heat up chicken sausages in a pan).



We enjoyed dinner outside on Monday, and played outside a little bit nearly every evening. Jameson loved playing catch with Meemaw! On the swings, they would sing songs.





The neighbors purchased a new climbing toy so one evening we spent time out there on their new playset with Lily and Peyton. Jameson demonstrated his new love of sliding headfirst.

Sliding head first

Summer evening

Meemaw put Jameson to bed each evening so that I could feed Coraline which was so nice. Having an extra set of hands in the evening and morning made everything go so much smoother with minimal crying and fuss. Jameson loved the new books and movies we got out at the library while she was here too!


We are so sorry to see her go already; her help was invaluable. Jameson continued to ask to go to Meemaw’s house, which is cute and so fun to see. It has been wonderful to see them so much while I was on leave, and I’m sad to see that time go as life gets more hectic again.

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