Neighborhood Party

We’ve meshed our backyard play equipment into a mutual spot around the center of our houses so that Jameson and Lily can play on whatever they choose; and last weekend, we also meshed to create a big cookout. The neighbors were already planning the gathering, and Brian and I provided the bounce house.


Jameson has become really daring in the bounce house and jumps from the top of the climbing half cylinder straight up and into the “bars” in the obstacle course bouncer. He also will slide down the middle between the two actual slides. I only held my breath a couple times while watching him.


Coraline enjoyed being outside as usual but had trouble napping.


Brian cracked me up with pretend feeding her… it won’t be long though, I’m sure it will go by quickly!


We enjoyed burgers, pasta salad and fruit as well as lots of different dips for appetizers. I nearly stuffed myself in dip long before food was ready!


One of the best parts of having extra kids over is watching Jameson interact. He wanted to spend most of his time in the bounce house, but he would try to get other people to go with him (including mom and dad who refused). He really wanted to be around the other kids, and especially the older ones. Lily’s cousin in particular captured his interest and he followed her around specifically for a while. They even went inside where he burrowed his way between them in Lily’s bed, which was pretty funny and cute, since you know, he’s 2. haha!



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