On Sunday we had what must’ve seemed like an adventure to Jameson! We first went to see a castle, followed by seeing lots of animals in the marsh!


Squire’s Castle is north of us and we had never been there with Jameson; in fact, I hadn’t been there in years and it was Brian’s first time. It’s small but to Jameson it seemed pretty big and empty. He wanted to jump from the steps.



Just outside the castle there is a paved path and a dirt path that go around the grounds; we went up the dirt path a little ways until it got too steep for the stroller. Coraline was just wide eyed, looking up at the tree canopy above her. It really was the perfect day for it, not too hot or cold, and cloudy without being chilly.


We returned back and I tried to feed Coraline unsuccessfully on a bench; about 15 minutes later I had more success in the car where we were both a bit more comfortable. While I fed Coraline, Jameson devoured his lunch in a picnic area in the Cleveland Metroparks. A minute away we turned into the park with the marsh boardwalk which I also remembered from my trip a long time ago. It was as I remembered! The marsh is full of birds, frogs, fish and plant life, so much so that it is almost loud as you walk around.


Coraline was very alert but starting to get a little antsy in her stroller. Likewise, Jameson just wanted to run on the path but he had to hold hands near the water.


Jameson didn’t seem to understand the concept of the telescope yet and couldn’t quite figure out how to look through it even after Brian focused it on a goose nearby.


He was however very very excited about the baby duck we saw very close to the railing! We talked about that baby duck for awhile and after we finished on the boardwalk he wanted to go back and splash a stone in the water “by the baby duck” which luckily for it was gone.



The frog statues were fun to sit on, but I think Brian was more excited about the real frogs he could point out to Jameson.



There’s a real frog in the picture below, can you find it?


We walked around outside the marsh and Brian showed Jameson how to skip stones. Or rather, Jameson wanted to throw big rocks in the water to make a big splash. I loved watching them together.



As for me, aside from watching my two favorite guys, my favorite part was the lily pads and the cattails (Brian likes to “reminisce” about the time I left a cattail in his car and created a huge mess of fuzzies when we remembered a few weeks later).


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