Father’s Day Weekend

For Father’s Day this year we spent Saturday with Brian’s parents and Sunday with family, which was nice and not a lot of pressure to go places and do things! We did wind up doing a lot more than planned when everyone was behaving on Sunday, which is the best way to go about things I think. Set the bar low!




It had been a while since our last cookout at Brian’s parents house, and Jameson loved having Grandma and Aunt Melissa to follow him around and play with.



Grandma even had Jameson’s big boy bed set up there so he could see that Coraline was going to use his old crib; that seemed just fine by him but we’ll see when the time comes for him to actually use it 🙂 Coraline slept like an angel in the crib. However, she did have some trouble with the bottle again which we won’t dwell on too much. Suffice it to say, she did have to skip a feeding because she refused the bottle and I had some wine, so the last hour or so of our visit was less pleasant.




Up til that point though we had a great time and dinner was excellent!

I love that I finally got some photos of some of the things Jameson loves to do at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, which include throwing rocks in the creek and going under the “tree house” looking for pine cones.




Sunday was pure spontaneity. After opening gifts from Jameson and Coraline (ice cream maker was a hit!), we went out to eat about 20 minutes away at one of our go-to restaurants, The Winking Lizard.

Daddy day lunch at the Winking Lizard

The restaurant has a paved trail behind it (the Towpath), so when not only Coraline was well behaved and awake but also Jameson (who actually wanted to sit in a highchair!), well, we jumped at the chance with two happy kids and took them out on the trail walking for another half hour or so.

A lovely day for a towpath walk

Coraline passed out napping and woke back up on our way home but still seemed happy even though it was near her feeding time, so we dared one more stop at a frozen yogurt shop where dads got free bowls. Win win win!

Free frozen yogurt for dad

It was a wonderful day with perfect weather, children, and food. I am not sure that that will happen again for a long time. We are so blessed to have such a happy, content baby who loves to watch and look around.



And… obligatory Father’s Day photos were also a little spontaneous. Jameson didn’t want to take any, so he got tickled. I got risky and stood over them on the bed with the camera, over tickled toddlers and an infant. No one got hurt, phew.



We sure do love you, daddy, and had the best weekend with you!

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