Holiday Weekend

Friday before fireworks, we had a fun-filled day sans Coraline. It wasn’t just the opportunity to spend some quality time with Jameson himself that prompted us to leave her at daycare; we also thought it would not be a good idea to let her go 4 days in a row without having a proper bottle, so we decided to leave her for part of the day.

We originally planned to go on a bike ride, but it threatened rain, so we went to the Cleveland Children’s Museum instead!



I’m not sure that Jameson fully appreciated spending time with just mom and dad by himself; he already seems so used to having Coraline around regardless! However, I appreciated it entirely, especially since someone would have needed to carry her or wear her in the Children’s Museum since no strollers are allowed.

Jameson took right to it, and went from exhibit to exhibit like he had been there before. He loved the boat with the steering wheel, and when we showed him the magnetic fishing rod, he wanted to get all the fishes into the basket.



He wasn’t as enthralled with the water table, I think because there were a lot of kids around it, and he may have been intimidated to get the toys he was interested in. Also because he refused to wear the rain jacket so I told him he wasn’t allowed to splash.



The grocery store though was ridiculously adorable. I loved watching Jameson pull stuff off the shelves and into the cart. We got fruits and veggies, chicken, orange juice (filled with orange tissue paper) and other boxed goods. There was a “checkout” stand, with other kids. Jameson put all his stuff on the counter, but wasn’t as much of a fan when the kid went to take his food; I’m not sure he fully understood the nature of the game.

He did pretty good with putting everything away though and moving on to our next stop, the “house” with baby dolls.



There were about 8 or 9 of these baby dolls, and after attempting to stack them in a small cradle and put them in the washing machine, we suggested he put them all in the big bed. Jameson himself decided to try and tuck them in, which just melted my heart.

At the doctors office, Jameson gave daddy a couple shots and checked his heart. I’m not sure he knew what he was looking for, but it was funny nonetheless.


Our last stop was the actual baby and toddler room where we could just let him run rampant. He was so good there, but I am glad that we were able to leave Coraline at home for this one!


After the Children’s Museum, we had Jameson go potty (yes, each time at the public potties is an event) and went to the Winking Lizard for what felt like the 50th time… it was tasty, but we need to find a new go-to restaurant. Jameson was pretty good for it as usual.

It never did rain, so when we got home we decided to brave a quick bike ride around the neighborhood. I got on my bike for the first time in possibly a full two years; it was fully operational since Brian had been riding my bike with the bike seat on it, so at least it was still in good shape!

Of course, it did at that moment decide to down pour! We got caught in the rain, but it let up pretty quick so we kept going and went around the neighborhood “lake”. Then we picked up Coraline and got ready for Aunt Carol’s house for dinner and fireworks!

Enjoyed farmers market and heritage festival this morning with grandma!

Saturday was full of more fun; we went to our usual Farmer’s Market where Jameson got a little balloon dog. Grandma went with us, and we moved Jameson’s car seat to the third row of dad’s car, which he actually loved. We had a passenger in the car then! It almost felt spacious!

We found that it was the annual Heritage Festival which goes on onĀ  4th of July weekend. I got a stromboli and we walked around the town we both graduated from and marveled at the positive changes happening in the town. (And all the new good looking places to eat that we should try)

Saturday afternoon, Jameson went to grandma’s house for a few hours, so Coraline got some of her own one on one time, which was nice. It is strange how easy it seemed with just one kid to take care of.

Even though it was overcast and on and off rainy over the 4th of July weekend, we were able to spend some quality time outside and without a doubt enjoyed our family time all together for 4 days straight!

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