Jungle Garden

I am past due to show you an update to our garden! This has been one of our most successful garden, which I credit to the raised beds we made. We have had snap peas from our garden about 4 times, and loads of cherry, olive and yellow pear shaped tomatoes. I just started getting some Roma and Early Girl tomatoes which are larger. We’ve had batches of green beans, plenty of basil and cleaned up our lettuce. Radishes we finished a couple months ago; they were quick to mature and quick to eat!

Still to mature are our carrots and green onions which I planted from seed. We’ve had just a few small peppers but looking forward to more. The peppers may be the only veggies that aren’t growing as well as hoped.




Since we fenced off the garden to keep deer out, the grass grows much taller there. This guy found a home in our garden then for a few weeks. However, since Brian put him over the privacy fence, we haven’t seen him back, so he must not have been able to find his way home.

The first time we saw him I screamed (like a girl, obviously). Jameson was with us and I flung him over the fence and tiptoed out myself; It was nearly ready to rain though so Becky, Coraline, Jameson and I all ran for the garage. I think I scared Jameson a bit between the screaming, fence swinging and running!




Jameson didn’t want to hold him but he did touch him a couple times. I even did as well. I was okay with the snake… as long as I knew exactly where he was at all times! He is a harmless type snake local to our area but I’m just as happy to see him gone now.

On top of this, we’ve been enjoying our weekly crop share program and getting loads of veggies from the Farmers Market as well!

We had a 3 week hiatus, but it’s back again the past couple weeks and we’ve enjoyed everything in our boxes. We’ve had turnips, kale, potatoes and radishes, lettuce, beans, 3 different kinds of peas and we’re just starting to get zucchini, cucumber, garlic and tomatoes from it.


It’s been such a good, healthy summer and I love to tell Jameson where our food is coming from every night when we sit down for dinner. We introduced prayers before eating in the past 3 weeks and Jameson has learned to wait until everyone sits down before eating and loves to say prayers with us. He loves to end it with an extra “Amen! We eat!”


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