First Foods

Coraline tried her first foods a couple weeks ago. We started with oatmeal, baby cereal single grain of course, as we did with Jameson. With Jameson, who we found had a pretty big span between bowel movements, we wanted the additional fiber in his first foods that comes from oatmeal and brown rice. While Coraline doesn’t have this issue, we wanted to just the same make sure that she didn’t have any bowel troubles as we transitioned into food. We haven’t had any, and she is doing really well.

She gets oatmeal a couple times a week at dinner, and unlike with Jameson, we also brought it to the daycare for the days that she doesn’t eat from the bottle. That way, we can all feel good that she is still getting some food in her system! Thankfully, in the past two weeks, we seem to have overcome that difficulty (at daycare anyway).


Coraline makes a bit of a face every time we feed her, like she has to remember what this is and oh yeah, I have to open my mouth to get it! She does well with all textures now, from thicker to thinner. Most times she does better with it a little thicker so it doesn’t come right back out! We love our little chipmunk; her big cheeks give the impression that she’s storing up all that food in there, though she is adept at swallowing now and rarely if ever gags.



By the end of her first cereal, she was reaching to get that spoon in her mouth herself!



While I know breastfed babies should wait until 6 months before starting food, the issues we have had with her eating at daycare prompted us to start early to no ill effect. She doesn’t have it frequently yet but is getting used to the spoon and textures, a perfect first step before we really begin feeding her food in earnest in a month or so.

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