Epcot, Day 3

Thursday we hoped to sleep in a bit since breakfast wasn’t until 8:15 right in our hotel, but Coraline and then Jameson both woke at 6:30. Oh well! We were so thankful Coraline actually slept through the night with minimal pats on the back.





We had a buffet style character breakfast at 1900 Park Fare and for to meet Pooh, Tigger, May Poppins,Alice and the Mad Hatter. Jameson was definitely not sure what to make of the ladies who could speak to him and concerned about the Mad Hatter who was hilarious.





We headed out then to Epcot where it proceeded to downpour when we arrived, so we stopped first in Spaceship Earth the ride in the big Epcot ball.

Jameson observed but wasn’t thrilled about anything in particular on it but the video they release to you at the end is pretty funny. By the time it was over, it was sunny out and we got some Starbucks and headed to The Land and Sea buildings. Jameson enjoyed our boat rides and the Nemo ride. He told us the fish swimming with the manatee were baby fish and he was the big fish (a mellow, apparently shy manatee)


Coraline screamed through the Nemo ride, unusual for her, because she was exhausted, and then slept through the rest of our visit to the sea. She’s a heavy baby to carry around for extended periods like that! We then did the Imagination ride and happened to catch Chip and Dale with minimal line which was exciting since they were not part of the characters we were expecting to see.



Chipmunk cheeks!



We had lunch at the quick service in Living with the Land and then used our fast passes to ride Soarin’ while Meemaw, grandpa and Tyler saw Duffy, Mickey Mouses teddy bear character. Jameson didn’t smile for his picture with Duffy, but the little Duffy teddy bear Meemaw bought him quickly became a hit and went through quite an adventure on his first day with us.

Jameson and Coraline were beat and Coraline slept for a couple hours in the stroller after lunch like that; it had become the most hot and humid day for us yet.


While Meemaw and Grandpa rode Soarin’ in turn, Brian and I took the tired kids to World Showcase and Brian got to have some beers during the soft launch of the Food and Wine festival (which officially started the following day). Jameson started falling asleep a bit with the fan in his hand but perked up with some lemonade that caused a big accident later that day. After meeting up with everyone, we rounded World Showcase and woke Coraline up to eat before doing some quick shopping before dinner sans kids, just Meemaw and I, while the boys and Coraline rode the Mexico boat ride, which Coraline loved.




We ate at the Biergarten which was phenomenal. Coralne was a champ eating puffs for most of dinner. The boys got pints of beer which were huge, and I enjoyed a Dr looosin Riesling which was excellent. Everything from food to entertainment was wonderful here. Duffy had at this point an incident with milk and urine from the prior accident, poor thing.




We ended our evening at Test Track but on our way there lost Duffy. Luckily we “found” him again and at least he was clean this time. We managed to hold on to this one and the bonus Meemaw bought just in case. Coraline was exhausted and crying when we came out after dark but fell sleep for the entire ride back which was wonderful.

The days, while exhausting, were so much fun. We couldn’t believe the next day was our last for this trip!

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