Slimey Pumpkins

We carved our pumpkins on Monday evening before Halloween this year. Brian has been doing a lot of extra work after hours, so it’s been difficult the last couple weeks to find the time to do this. I am so glad we did though! Jameson was hilarious.



I drew on the face, and Brian did the cutting. Jameson had to get his little knife from his kitchen set to help with that part too. I questioned him and he requested a sad face with two teeth and a big nose; then a scary face.

Jameson didn’t want to use his hands to take the pumpkin pulp and seeds out, though he did have some fun using the big spoon.




The best part was his squeals when Brian plopped pumpkin on his toes. I even got him on video. It’s too slimey he said (delightfully, I think; he enjoyed it)



When we were finished, we immediately took them out and lit them. Jameson loved going out in the dark to see them.


This year, I made some salted pumpkin seeds for Brian and some of the cinnamon spice ones that I made last year. They are so good! We only carved two of our four pumpkins, so we might actually cut up another one or two for some more seeds this season.


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