Awesome Eight


We have continued to enjoyed the fall weather this month with Coraline (I just love babies in hoods!), but it’s also been harder to spend that time outside since it is getting dark so early. Most of our outdoor time must be on the weekends, and I was excited when we were able to introduce Coraline to the wagon and pull her around while Jameson followed behind on his tricycle.

Mostly though this month’s outdoor time has been spent dressed in costume for Halloween. Coraline was an adorable and tolerant octopus.


Tongues out! Having a good time in her first wagon ride

The cold weather though in turn means more illness at school and has also meant more ear infections for Coraline. She has had 3 in a row, with about a 2-3 day gap between rounds of antibiotics. We still can’t tell when she has one, until her ear drum (the same each time) bursts – 3 times now. We met with an ENT to check in between (about a day after starting drops again) and he saw the ear drum healing, so at least it hasn’t been open for long each time.

It’s been about a month of antibiotics, which has been hard on her digestive system. We are hoping that the latest round of more aggressive antibiotics mean the end of the ear infections for a little while so we do not need to talk about tubes.



Though her digestive system has been a little irregular and off, Coraline doesn’t let that stop her from eating food. Coraline is eating mostly any baby food now that doesn’t have protein in it. She doesn’t seem to have any preferences. Anything you put in her mouth, she’ll eat as long as she’s hungry. She loves breakfast and dinner now with solid foods. She loves puffs and yogurt drops, and mum mums were a fun introduction to bites.

We also introduced her to formula which went fine, and will be going full force on that this next month. We still have two teeth!



Bath time is my favorite right now. She sits upright in the tub on her own and loves to splash the water with her hands. No fear, all fun. Even when overtired, bath time always makes a happy baby.


This month she also noticed when people were entering and leaving the room. She will cry when we leave the room, and follows Sasha’s entrances and exits with her whole body. She also makes a hilarious full bend over to reach toys and other things. I caught her on her hands and knees one morning in her crib, but no signs of crawling after that.

Eight months old is pretty awesome. And the giggles are the best! She likes me to shout “boo” at her, and to play peekaboo with the cloth resting on her face.


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