The Big One


At 12 months old, Coraline points to everything she wants now! And I mean everything!

We have a couple almost-words, like “dog”, “sock”, “hi”, and of course, mama and dada (all inconsistently and rarely said except for “hi” – she’s a big fan of that one). I’m also pretty sure she said “baby”, though it didn’t sound close to the word at all she used the same syllables each time she said it for a couple weeks. Since she started sign language class, I’ve seen all done and perhaps light (she opened and closed her hand a few times).


She loves to read books, most often the touch and feel books. I love this video of her around 11-1/2 months old. She looks at a book, says “baby” and plays at the play table — which is actually also a very rare occurrence. She isn’t a big fan of standing yet, so that’s a task for her us to help her learn!


Coraline only really likes to stand when it involves pretend walking. She does however get on two feet and hands and throws her butt in the air, so I wonder sometimes if she’ll just get up and start walking one day!



We’ve had a few, very few, warmer days, and she got out in the wagon for the first time with her brother. She loves the wind in her face.

50 degrees!

Speaking of Jameson, I can tell they will be partners in crime before too long. Jameson loves to help her: bottles, eating, making her laugh. He’s a pretty big distraction at the dinner table for Miss Coraline!




This month Coraline got her 6th tooth, the 4th one on top. I thought maybe we were teething for a molar soon but that went away and I haven’t seen anything come through yet.

She loves being “chased” and caught, and still likes playing peekaboo. One of the new things we’ve really seen this month though is Coraline putting things back, or back together. She recognizes when toys or objects belong together, and the Mega Blocks she got for her birthday was a big hit.


She still likes to suck her thumb for soothing, primarily when she’s tired. If she doesn’t have a burp cloth though she typically won’t do it. She’s got a particular preference for the style of the burp cloths too, but luckily we have tons of them, so she has about 3 in her crib at all times.



Sometimes she’ll just lay down on the floor randomly for no reason, which always cracks me up. I wonder if it’s related to the fluid that is still backed up in her ear, the one which the tube came out of.

For now, we’ve opted to continue without putting the tube back in, since we haven’t had an ear infection since. However, the ENT is still concerned about the fluid in there, so we will be visiting the doctor more often and have started trying out a chiropractor which we’ve heard can help fluid drain properly.


Coraline is 18 pounds, 6 ounces (though an illness, probably a UTI, a week later caused her to drop under 18 pounds again!). She’s in the 25th percentile across the board with a good looking growth curve like her brother. She is slightly anemic, so we’ll be starting her on a liquid vitamin dropper with iron. Hopefully soon we’ll attempt a transition to whole milk as well!


The birthday girl loves to make a face where she wrinkles her nose up and scrunches up her face for a smile. It’s my favorite!

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