13 Months Old


After losing quite a bit of weight with her bout of illness at Meemaw and Grandpa’s house, Coraline gained it all back this month. She weighed in at 18 pounds, 5 ounces at the doctor’s office yesterday (back again, of course!). We transitioned her to whole milk, and found that she didn’t really care much about the flavor difference, but definitely still has a temperature preference! It’s a little less convenient for us to manager since with formula we were able to use already warm water and now we have to warm up her milk as we used to.


This was her first taste of whole milk, in a sippy. However, to make it easier on everyone, we transitioned her on the bottle. We’ll do the sippy cup in a couple months; I have a feeling she’s going to be just like Jameson, refusing to drink significant amounts from the sippy until that’s the only option!

We’ve also practiced with the spoon a few times. She likes to guide my own hand, but pretty much plays with the spoon when she’s got full control. She always gets concerned when her food ends up all over her hands!


Coraline’s hair is growing so fast, and recently started to curl! I wonder if she may have gotten some of my hair after all? A mom can hope!


Perhaps she got my hair after all? I have hope!

While she still isn’t doing much standing, she is finally starting to show interest in getting on her feet. She still doesn’t pull up, though she will occasionally try now. She almost exclusively will stand only against mommy and daddy when we’re lying on the floor with her. It doesn’t stop her from getting involved in everything we’re doing, though. She loves to be where we are at all times, playing with the things that Jameson is playing with.


She is pretty silly now. Coraline still loves being chased and held nearly upside down (we don’t usually do it all the way so no one tosses their cookies). She loves to lean against things, flinging her arms out and trusting we’ll catch her. Sometime this month she broke through one of her upper 1 year molars, we discovered at the doctor’s office. She may be breaking through more soon, since she has been having some trouble sleeping soundly lately, though thankfully we haven’t had to be up with her.


Now that we’ve experienced some warmer weather (excluding most of this week though, ugh), Coraline loves being outside. She’ll point outside and watch Daddy cooking on the grill. She just started waving this week, though I suppose that will count in her next month update!


We’re all getting anxious for her to start exploring her world on her feet I think, so I try to remember that this phase will seem like it just sped by and enjoy it while I can. She sure is!


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