Coloring Eggs


This year, we dyed Easter eggs at home. Jameson cracked a couple, but that’s to be expected with a 3 year old, right?


We had to start with the color orange, of course. Jameson wanted to get the eggs out right away, so we had to convince him to leave them in longer.


When the eggs were dry, Jameson put stickers on them. I thought he would put as many stickers as could fit on each egg, but instead, he delicately placed just one sticker per egg.

Jameson and Coraline got to try the hard boiled eggs which had been cracked. Both were more partial to the white portion than the yolk, like their mommy.



Certainly, I think the filling in the plastic Easter eggs that the Easter Bunny left were far more exciting! He had fun though, and loves to help.

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