Day for Dads


Father’s Day this year was a lot of fun! We had a wonderful weekend. However, it was bittersweet for me when I found out one of my oldest friend’s father suddenly passed away Saturday before Father’s Day. I have quite a few memories of him actually, from sleepovers to bonfires. He will be missed by many. As much as I wanted to honor Brian and my own father, even more so because of that, I wanted to respectfully avoid posting publicly on Father’s Day and exacerbating the pain she must already feel.

It opened up a line of thinking, which of course I may have thought of on the surface before but never in such depth, which is that Father’s Day may not always be a day of celebration for many. I would just say that I am happy right now to continue to celebrate all the fathers in my life, here in the flesh or not!

A couple weeks prior while Brian and his friends were away, I took photos with the DAD letters at a friend’s house, and took photos of their kids as well. I had high hopes that Coraline might smile for our silliest friend Lisa’s wacky faces, but I still only got a hint of one no matter what we tried!

We still captured some great moments. Last year I didn’t try to do the photo series since Coraline was too little, but I did do it for Brian’s first father’s day in 2011, and attempted the year following 2012.





I didn’t manage to get our for cards though this year, which I suppose just makes for less waste. Brian did get some awesome mustard, gunpowder spice rub, and spicy sweet biscotti which he’s been enjoying. For my own dad, he hasn’t opened his yet since he’s out of town so we’ll leave the suspense for now 🙂



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