15.5 Months

Coraline is well into 15 months, and while I’d love to talk about her at 15 months, I’m afraid this will be a little mixed in with some current drama from this trouble maker.


The big question is, is Coraline walking yet?! The answer is no, though she did take her first step this month on June 3. She definitely can though: she can walk fine holding on to just one hand, and walks along walls and with her walking behind toys. She’s there, she’s just not confident enough to make the big move!

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Coraline has developed a bit of an attitude this month, though at 15 months it was more cutesy. She loves to shake her head yes and no, though she doesn’t understand what they mean. When she’s frustrated, she stretches herself out on the floor and kicks her feet! This is a bit earlier than I remember Jameson exhibiting this kind of tantrum behavior, but it’s short and funny, and involves no head-banging, at least.


She's doing this thing now where she stretches out on the floor and kicks her feet when she's angry or frustrated. She's only 14 months, so I'm starting to get concerned about the terrible twos that we kind of skipped over with Jameson!

She is still drinking from the bottle. We didn’t try the sippy again, since she continued to refuse the sippy cups where she couldn’t see what was inside. Apparently, trying cold turkey really made an impression on her! However, at her doctor visit, he told us that in a couple months we could just remove the bottle entirely and supplement with vitamins. We may not wait the full two months to do that, because she really likes her “botteh” and I’d like to cut the habit soon. This also sounds very similar to water, and so Coraline asking for a drink sounds all the same.


Other words this month include “woof woof”, and her first sentence “daghdagh woof woof” (Sasha and doggy have merged to sound one and the same). The woof woof was non stop for a few weeks, and was my favorite! She also got in her other two molars on bottom (she now has all four) and one more tooth in the bottom front. That’s a lot of teeth in one month!


Coraline really found her element enjoying water play outside, as well as the slide. She’s now tolerating the swing for a minute (of very very slow pushing) before wailing to get out. She also loves water play inside, in the bath tub, and even blows bubbles in the water (after a bit of practice and realizing that you cannot inhale the water).



Slide lovr

What we really started noticing this month is her independence and trying to get into things (like toilets and toilet paper), as well as crawling through and under the chairs. While we didn’t see a big word explosion this month, we saw huge progression in her walking and physical abilities. Just last month she was standing.


Coraline is just under 20 pounds, and in the 25th percentile across the board. Our small fry is getting so big!


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