Independence Day

Our 4th of July weekend was simply amazing; we were able to stay home to celebrate all weekend long. We didn’t see fireworks up close, but Brian and I got to see some from our front yard Saturday night. Those kids crashed out every evening!

Friday, I tried to get some photos of the kids together, though they were less than cooperative about that.



Once I let Coraline do what she wanted, she was much happier.


It was just a little cooler that day, though still plenty warm, we didn’t want to get out the water bouncer. Instead, we opened up a new one that we had in storage. It’s for kids slightly older, though Lily and Jameson enjoyed it plenty anyway!







However, they were not fans when the other would jump while they were trying to climb!

Coraline really wanted to join in the fun, but this one was definitely too big for her. Later, we brought out the obstacle course bouncer and had more friends join us for the evening. We had a fajita night with margaritas and corn salsa sides. I could’ve had this dinner every night for a week!


I even joined in and climbed up once. Only once, since I felt like I was going to topple the whole thing over!


Love this funny face Coraline is making!

The kids have really been enjoying the hammock that we got for Brian last year. I jumped in with a few of the kids climbing on top which was hilarious. Jameson liked to “climb” to the top of the hammock. He wasn’t a big fan of being wrapped up in it though!





Surprisingly, by Sunday, I was exhausted from hosting! Friday and Saturday we had friends over, and Sunday the neighbors had family over. By the end of the weekend, I didn’t want to do dishes or clean up. Here I thought being able to stay home meant it would be more relaxing!

We did have blast though, and it’s always a nice change of pace to stay home for a 3 day weekend.

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