2nd Annual Kiddie Park Visit

We saw quite a lot of our friends Jason, Lisa and Vivienne the couple weeks before their second son was born. We went to the Kiddie Park with them as kind of a second annual tradition. They go more frequently than us, but this really was just our second time there.

This year, Coraline was old enough to get in on the fun, even being just shy of 1 and a half! When we first got there though I had Coraline while Brian took Jameson on the train ride first.




She wasn’t too concerned about the wait! Then we went and did the boat ride, which is my personal fav (not that I’ve been able to ride on it). Coraline had a blast ringing the bell, and she did great keeping her hands in the boat. (Just that ride though, we did this a couple more times and she got progressively more daring, but didn’t get kicked off at least!)



Vivienne arrived and we did a couple rides that Coraline was a little too young for. The kids love this bumpy car ride and we did that one a couple times as well. I rode with Jameson on the really jerky roller coaster, which was a little intense for me. I was happy that one didn’t get requested twice.



She was big enough for the rocket ride that glides along the ground though!


Coraline loved the carousel and requested “more” for that one, so while the older kids did another big kid ride, we rode that one again.



Each ride you strap in your own kids, so we got this fun shot on the boat ride again.



We ended our day there with the cars. The cars go out of sight, so we weren’t quite comfortable letting Coraline drive off in one of those. All in all, everyone had a great time. Even Coraline with her delayed nap! It’s so nice to have some of that flexibility again.


We even had enough good mood left with the kiddos that we stopped for ice cream! Jameson and Vivienne played with her stuffed kitty, tossing it back and forth. It need a wash after that!


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